Available assignments for student representation

The student unions in Uppsala, which collaborates through Kårsamverkan, appoint available student representation assignments in Uppsala University’s central organs as they become available. Are you interested in representing the students? Keep an eye on this spot! More information about Kårsamverkans appointment of student representatives can be found here (link in swedish).

As of now, we are looking for students for the following assignments:


A student representative for the work group for science center. The university has appointed a leading group for a science center in Uppsala, where different actors such as region, municipality, SLU etc. participate. Discussions around a science center have been had for a long time, but never reached a concrete decision. Now, however, a push is being made to reach a conclusion. In the decision from the principal, there was no student representative, though the work group has decided that there should be one.

The burden of work seems decidedly heavier than that of the leading group. There are meetings held a couple of times each month during which the entire errand concerning a science center is prepared. A large part of the work, going forwards, will be to find economical foundations and to conretize the entire work in order for this to become a foundation for a deicision by the principal and other potential sponsors.  The group currently consists of a number of competent and serious persons. A person with specialised economical competence will also be recruited to the group. The work is expected to be finished around the 30th of March 2018.

A regular and a subsitute for the scholarship board. The board deals with applications for the various scholarship that the university offers. The boards work entails reviewing suggestions for distributions of scholarships, and creating foundations for decisions on the distribution of scholarships. The board mainly meets at the end of each semester, but additional meetings may be added if need be.

Two ordinary representatives to the assessment group for PUMA.

A ordinary and a substitute representative for the Council for equal conditions. The council for equal conditions advises the principal in questons regarding he long-term work with equal conditions in regards to research, education and collaboration. The council is to conribute to that the overarching work for equal conditions is in line with the needs and resources of the conducted business.

En (1) ordinarie representant till styrgruppen för samverkansgruppen för universitetsgemensamma IT-frågor, samt en (1) ordinarie representant till den beredande gruppen för samverkansgruppen för universitetsgemensamma IT-frågor.

En (1) ordinarie representant till användargruppen förvaltningsobjekt och lärande.

En (1) ordinarie representant till kursklassificeringsgruppen. Sedan 1996 har det vid universitet funnits en grupp med uppdrag att besluta om klassificering av kurser på utbildningsområden.

En (1) ordinarie representant till centrum för forskning om funktionshinder.

Två (2) ordinarie representanter till styrelsen för teknik- och vetenskapsstudier.

En (1) ordinarie representant till centrum för forskning om funktionshinder. Centrum för forskning om funktionshinder är ett nätverk för forskare inom olika ämnen vid Uppsala universitet som sysslar med handikappfrågor. Styrelsen styr verksamheten vid centret, behandlar frågor om ekonomi etc.

Två (2) ordinarie representanter till styrelsen för centrum för teknik- och vetenskapsstudier.

En (1) ordinarie representant till styrelsen för centrum för genusvetenskap.

En (1) ordinarie representant till Martin H:son Holmdahls stipendiekommitté. Martin H:son Holmdahl-stipendiet instiftades av universitetet 2003. Stipendiet utdelas till en anställd inom universitetet, en grupp av anställda, en student, eller en grupp av studenter, som har gjort insatser för att främja mänskliga fri- och rättigheter.

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