Course literature

Course literature distributed by Iustus förlag is sold by JF at a very good price at Jontes stuga, where you will also find the green statute book at the best price. A list of all available books can be found here.

Blue, green, black or red statue books are the ones you might be choosing between, but probably either the blue or the green one. Which one you pick is a matter of taste. Most students, however, use the green statute book as it is cheaper and lighter. The blue one contains more laws and is a bit more expensive. The green book is, however, developed precisely for the base courses of the Law Programme at Uppsala University.

The quick start programme

If you want guidance and a handy transition to the student life in Uppsala, a mentorship project is offered. Here you can meet a more experienced student during your first semester. Read more about it here.


Have you not yet found somewhere to stay? Don’t worry, it solves itself much faster and easier than you’d believe. To help you on your way, here’s a few tips.

Uppsala bostadsförmedling administers usual rental apartments and student apartments in Uppsala. At the start of each semester they usualy have some apartments, reserved for first semester students. The queue time is counted in queue days, which means you should apply for the queue as soon as possible. Many of the residence are located centrally and there are both apartments and student rooms.

Heimstaden administers student apartments and corridors in notorious Flogsta. Don’t be afraid though, it’s not as bad as some would say. Here is where the student life is lived at its fullest. Heimstaden does not make use of queue days, and it is as such slightly easier to get an apartment or a corridor room.

Rikshem is nation-wide landlord which administers student apartments and regular rental apartments in Uppsala and Knivsta. They, too, count their queue time in days, which is why you should apply as soon as possible.

The Nations also administer student apartments and corridors. They often count queue time based on number of semesters you’ve been a member, with any extra points gained through participation added.

Blocket is a large marketplace for private rental apartments, both first and second hand. Don’t forget, though, to be critical to the content as there are dishonest advertisers. An alternative is to put up an ad for yourself as a housing applicant, which works better than you’d believe.

Facebook also has multiple groups for housing applicants. Often, other students want to rent out their residence due to exchange years or similar. An example is Bostad Uppsala.

Lastly, friends are not to be underestimated when it comes to residence. It is not uncommon that a friend knows someone who wants to rent out their residences.


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