Do you have problems with your education?

The case activity means we held students who have problems with their studies. It can be such things as faulty assessments of examinations, mobbing, harassment or education problems. No problems are too large or too small and we’ll do anything to help.


There are several ways to contact us if you need help. First and foremost, you can contact the semester safety representative, if you’re reading a basic course. If you are studying a Master’s course or another education at the faculty of law, you can contact our study observers. You can also use the form below, where you can choose to be anonymous. Please observe that our opportunities to aid you will be limited if you choose to be anonymous – but that doesn’t mean that we wont give it our best shot!


Everyone who works with case activity in the student union has signed a non-disclosure contract. This means that all information which arrives will be prevented from peing spread to someone else. This includes your name, information about your case, teacher/employee names and similar.

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T1 och Juridiskt grundår Skyddsombud
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